Basic Instinct (1992)

Basic Instinct (1992)

Director Paul Verhoeven

Writer Joe Eszterhas

Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Year 1992

Actors Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn

IMDB : 6.9 (137,183 votes)


Description A former rock star, Johnny Boz, is brutally killed during sex, and the case is assigned to detective Nick Curran of the SFPD. During the investigation, Nick meets Catherine Tramell, a crime novelist who was Boz's girlfriend when he died. Catherine proves to be a very clever and manipulative woman, and though Nick is more or less convinced that she murdered Boz, he is unable to find any evidence. Later, when Nilsen, Nick's rival in the police, is killed, Nick suspects of Catherine's involvement in it. He then starts to play a dangerous lust-filled mind game with Catherine to nail her, but as their relationship progresses, the body count rises and contradicting evidences force Nick to start questioning his own suspicions about Catherine's guilt.


  • sss 2017-03-14 14:31:48
    야이 씨발 샤론 스톤 아메리카의 최순실 그 젊은 남자를 좋아하나 바람을 피우나 피워봐 죽여봐 병신 같은년아 그냥 차라리 뚱뚱하고 못생긴 초딩을 꼬시든 늙은 남자를 꼬셔라 행동하지 않는 섹스는 악의편
  • Tara Spelling 2017-03-03 23:52:34
    Sharon in her hey day - dried up old hag now
  • John Bowerman 2017-02-22 20:59:44
    Shades of Streets of San Francisco baby!!
  • Renan C. Maia 2017-02-17 21:14:41
    Great film and actors! Hollywood was great in the past... RIP...
  • Gwendolyn Wood 2017-02-16 05:15:41
    don't follow blindly...
  • Raul Garcia 2017-02-16 04:37:18
    Vuestro Español no me Gusta y la Ñ
  • Hdog Hillyer 2017-02-07 03:41:31
    Basic Instinct is sexier than Fifty Shades of Gray
  • riccardo mazzola 2017-02-02 15:40:06
    Like se sei qui dopo il video di Quby
  • Mr TJM 2017-01-27 19:34:03
    "Okay now. Bill's quick capsule review: Piece-of-Shit. Okay now. Yeah, yeah, end of story by the way. Don't get caught up in that fevered hype phoney fucking debate about that Piece-of-Shit movie. "Is it too sexist, and what about the movies, are they becoming too dddddddd." You're, you're just confused, you don't get, you've forgotten how to judge correctly. Take a deep breath huuh, look at it again. "Oh it's a Piece-of-Shit!" Exactly, that's all it is. Satan squatted, let out a loaf, they put a fucking title on it, put it on a marquee, Satan's shit, piece of shit, walk away. "But is it too, what about the lesbian connot.. ddddd." You're, you're getting really baffled here. Piece-of-Shit! Now walk away. That's all it is, it's nothing more! Free yourself folks, if you see it, Piece-of-Shit, say it and walk away. You're right! You're right! Not those fuckers who want to tell you how to think! You're fucking right! Sorry wrong meeting again. I keep getting my days mixed up. tomorrow, it's the meeting at the docks. Tonight it's comedy entertainment with young Bill. Horrible film. And then I come to find out after that film. that all the lesbian sex scenes, let me repeat that, all the lesbian sex scenes were cut out of that film, because the test audience was turned off by them. Ha. Boy, is my thumb not on the pulse of America." - Bill Hicks
  • Kadidou Kadi 2017-01-27 06:26:50
    One lunatic One ice pick ...
  • Kamel Hamidou 2017-01-26 09:31:51
    Magnifique Sublime Sharon stone
  • Lynched Killer 2017-01-18 03:24:04
    2k of likes never had pussy before
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    Man down.Im the guy
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  • Janfrans Zuidema 2016-11-16 15:23:17
    It still is the definitive erotic thriller. But this particular genre kinda died after it. I believe It's time for someone to breathe fresh oxygen into it. If it's done the right way, then it will make loads of cash...
  • magdalena dobosz 2016-11-15 11:52:33
    This movie is just great love it very much.
  • vashvik jamalta 2016-11-13 11:09:26
    came here from watch mojo
  • MovieMistakes 2016-10-20 13:34:18
  • Andy Summers 2016-10-18 16:41:43
    You got something against ice-cubes?
  • azooz abood 2016-10-15 02:36:29
    this movie was / is / and forever will be a great movie , i just watched it for the 2nd time and enjoyed every moment of it

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