Ashley (2013)

Ashley (2013)

Director Dean Matthew Ronalds

Writer Domenic Migliore

Genre Drama

Year 2013

Actors Holly Taylor, Michael Madsen, Jennifer Taylor, Nicole Arianna Fox

IMDB : 5.6 (594 votes)


Description A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns ...


  • A.Wise.Aztec 2013-12-03 22:27:05
  • Andres s 2013-12-03 22:11:50
    en donde puedo ver la pelicula porfavor envienmen el link muchas gracias
  • Mermerne Zvezde 2013-12-01 00:43:27
    What's the name of the first song????
  • A.Wise.Aztec 2013-11-24 00:36:52
    Just saw the movie.. it was amazingly touching... Thumbs up
  • 43bretta 2013-11-04 01:49:00
    the putlocker link works fairly well.
  • Jessie G 2013-10-30 00:12:37
    She's the girl from americas next top model she won the petite cycle
  • Lala Orrepra 2013-10-28 16:38:24
    I want to Watch it but i cant find it, any ideas where to find it
  • Lazy Twat 2013-10-28 05:37:12
    where can i watch this
  • mzzzhedison 2013-10-17 12:47:29
    Go watch Running On Empty Dreams and then tell me if this looks bad. lol
  • nylanz 2013-10-07 17:02:47
    ashley full movie
  • pumpkinsoul12 2013-10-06 21:45:24
    wow this looks bad
  • FeñaMusic 2013-10-05 19:38:08
  • Cluster Lyn 2013-10-02 06:32:51
    How can I watch this ?
  • Anne Clement 2013-09-29 23:10:47
    yeah the last song is reasons to love you by meiko ;)
  • slowlife91 2013-09-18 17:08:20
    please does any one knows the soundtracks of this movie
  • J Hamilton 2013-09-14 18:45:33
    where did you find it?
  • mcmandy086 2013-09-11 10:14:47
    To be completely honest i thought i was going to hate this movie, seriously i thought i was in for an hour and a half of lame but i actually ended up liking it. It has good story development and the ending is very satisfactory. I'm not gonna say that it's the best movie i've seen lately but i liked it.
  • Haliqhamal 2013-09-04 00:07:26
    i watch maybe like 20min or so then i gave up...looks like the plot gone nowhere but an emo self harm lesbian teen
  • someonelikeme79 2013-08-21 14:22:36
    looking forward this movie

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