As Is (1986)

As Is (1986)

Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Writer William M. Hoffman

Genre Drama

Year 1986

Actors Colleen Dewhurst, Robert Carradine, Jonathan Hadary, Doug Annear

IMDB : 7.3 (78 votes)


Description Story of a gay man who finds out he has aids and how people react.


  • liam Horsley 2016-05-14 11:10:35
    why did river phoenix have to overdose :(
  • Mary Wichmann 2016-03-27 22:33:31
    Omg the song they played. I danced to this song with my ex boyfriend. =(
  • Smartzenegger 2016-02-12 00:12:52
    Stand bami?
  • dev4911 2015-09-13 03:33:23
    Only Stephen King can thrust a dead body in a coming-of-age story !
  • Jzigzags 2015-07-10 00:29:20
    I'm almost certain that I'll unintenionally, yet proudly annoy anyone who reads this, but. What's the big deal abouth this film? It's an interesting story sure, but all this "self-realization crap"!? These kids didn't learn jack shit about themselves. Hell, I didn't learn anything about them. All they did was hike into the woods, piss off an old man, dodge a train and find a body. Yes, the standoff scene was interesting, but what ultimately was the point? "You're not taking him" The fuck do you care about that rotting flesh, Gordie!? He's dead, and signing your own death warrant will NOT change that, laddie. imo, what happened to his brother sucks, but deciding to "honor the dead" instead of profiting off it (Like they all agreed upon, in the start) all of a sudden, w\o even explaining yourself to your friends doesn't make any sense. Hell, They didn't even know the kid in life, so why fo him a solid in death!? bah! It doesn't any make sense to me.
  • Dominika Jaworska 2015-05-09 21:16:57
    I love this movie... River Phoenix 3
  • badamski17 2015-05-07 19:26:45
    RIP Ben E King
  • Killing DeadThings 2015-03-14 21:18:30
    One of the best movies of my childhood.
  • Richard Canipe 2015-01-11 21:58:29
    best movie from the 1980's!
  • Nora Bataityte 2014-05-09 19:49:00
    A really amazing movie, very well done adaptation of a an amazing novel. Without looking deeper, I can easily give it a 10/10
  • Lex Grether 2014-03-01 08:24:24
    One of the best movies of all time...something about it is just absolutely perfect.
  • Destiny Faith Guardian 2014-01-14 23:39:21
    RIP River Phoenix. <3 :( you'll always be in our hearts
  • yulecat 2014-01-10 19:44:59
    One of the best SK stories. It reminds me of many summers when I was a kid. 
  • maya cotton 2013-12-05 21:34:36
    I will always love this movie. 
  • EastAngliaUK 2013-10-20 20:52:58
    Just seen SBM for the first time its a good film I gave it 7 out of 10 and looks great in HD to.
  • TheAthleticGamers 2013-09-02 17:32:29
    8 people dont have friends who stood by them
  • Krystal Cassells 2013-08-20 02:32:39
    Love this movie I cried at the end :)
  • jimmy sommer 2013-06-23 23:53:49
  • purpleflrp 2013-06-15 00:46:50
    How bout 2013? XD
  • Kristal Dickerson 2013-05-26 02:19:31
    pez? really?

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