Art School Confidential (2006)

Art School Confidential (2006)

Director Terry Zwigoff

Writer Daniel Clowes (screenplay), Daniel Clowes (comic story)

Genre Comedy, Drama

Year 2006

Actors Max Minghella, Sophia Myles, John Malkovich, Jim Broadbent

IMDB : 6.3 (15,105 votes)


Description Jerome, a kid from the suburbs who loves to draw, goes to New York City's Strathmore College for his freshman year as a drawing major. Competition and petty jealousy consume faculty and students, with an end-of-first-semester best-student award held out as a grand plum. Worse, a strangler is on the loose, killing people on or next to campus. The idealistic Jerome falls in love with Audrey, a student who models for life-drawing classes and who responds to his sweetness. But he has a rival: the clean-cut, manly Jonah, also a first-year drawing student, whose primitive work draws raves and Audrey's attention. As cynicism seems to corrode everything, Jerome is desperate to win.


  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:39:37
    A**:Paras on ic*****
  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:39:09
  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:38:43
  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:38:32
  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:38:19
  • Chris Mastronardi 2016-12-23 18:37:45
  • Darren Forbes 2016-07-06 17:11:38
    the trailer made this movie seem funnier than what it was
  • Daecoth 2016-05-23 03:32:37
    This movie was such a rip off. was expecting a Van Wilder but was all emo bullshit.
  • Sk lala 2016-05-12 07:40:36
    so inspiration to art students
  • Krista Antonini Martin 2013-06-25 15:08:12
    You guys mean Edison? Cool.

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