Anyone and Everyone (2007)


Director Susan Polis Schutz

Genre Documentary

Year 2007

IMDB : 8.2 (28 votes)


Description Connected by having a son or daughter who is gay, parents across the country discuss their experiences in the documentary Anyone and Everyone. In it, filmmaker Susan Polis Schutz, depicts families from all walks of life. Individuals from such diverse backgrounds as Japanese, Bolivian, and Cherokee, as well as from various religious denominations such as Mormon, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Hindu, and Southern Baptist, share intimate accounts of how their children revealed their sexual orientation and discuss their responses. The parents also talk about struggling with the pain of their sons and daughters dealing with not being accepted by relatives or friends, and being ostracized by religious congregations. "It was so evil and so bad that we almost couldn't talk about it... You just had the idea it was so terrible that it was unspeakable," said a Mormon mother in the film. "Having heard all these awful things and what homosexuality was and then having a member of your family, a person that you have seen, a child that you have seen since the child was born, a person that was absolutely wholesome, good, kind, gentle and that put together with the word lesbian didn't add up," said a Hispanic mother. This film is especially important since up to 26% of gay teens who come out to their parents or guardians are told they must leave home. Of the approximately 1.6 million homeless American youth, 20-40% identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Nearly 40% of LGBT (GLBT) students report being physically harassed. In a 2001 Department of Health study of youth in Massachusetts, about 40 percent of gay and lesbian students attempted suicide, compared to about 10 percent of their heterosexual peers.


  • Nick V 2017-03-15 12:56:30
    and as if lieing about the dieties which he does in every case, non of these similarities match with the history of these gods, not one, as if that isnt enough at 19:17 they completly lie about scripture sayin they ask where the next passover will be when hes gone, false, if u read just 2 verses before they ask where do we go to set up our passover with you. They then use this this to say jesus was talkin bout the age of aquarius when he was clearly just telling em where to goto to set up dinner, among the countless lies in this video. SO i ask u again why would someone go out of there way and lie so much to discredit christianity? To mean this video is one of the most concrete sources of proof of christianities valididty
  • shnglbot 2017-03-15 06:04:10
    bookmark 24:16
  • Tim Elkin 2017-03-15 01:34:20
    What is this syndicate you speak of?
  • Jake B. 2017-03-13 08:43:05
    who tf is cindykate?
  • Richard Lawson 2017-03-12 21:43:11
    poor christians...they just found out santa clause is ficticious and not even an original story...they should have figured it out without being told but mama told them it was true and mama doesnt lie...right??
  • Zohaster 2017-03-12 18:29:04
    "International banking cocktails"
  • Law 773 2017-03-11 10:04:11
    Zeitgeist been debunked so many times can't believe I actually used to be confused by this
  • Law 773 2017-03-11 09:54:16
    Anyone wondering what the fuk is syndicate
  • LordGandor3 2017-03-10 03:39:50
    I understand the conspiracy. I understand that an evil bloodline of banker royal vampires control the world. I understand that Rothschild's banksters orchestrate wars for population control & profit. I understand that Rockefeller's Western Medicine/Vaccines/Harmaceuticals are pushed on an unsuspecting population of "Commoners" for population control & profit. I understand that the ruling oligarchy inbred families are Satanic Vampires ? I understand that Jesus was murdered by the Romans who were actually blood relatives with the Pharisees. I understand the "Cross" is not a Christian symbol it is actually a Satanic symbol that was used for Satanic worship long before Jesus was born. Jesus was actually crucified on a Stauros which in Greek simply means a single stake....crosses are SATANIC ! I understand the "trinity" doctrine was pushed on the church by a sun worshipping murderer named Constantine who actually worshipped Satan. I know that Jesus NEVER said he is God in FACT he said "These are not my words they are from my FATHER who SENT ME !  I know that Jesus is the FIRST BORN ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ! When Jesus returns to destroy the Satanic NWO he will "Descend with a shout of an ARCHANGEL because he is THEE ONE & ONLY Archangel....MICHAEL !  When you realize that Satan is the master of Deception you UNDERSTAND that Satan rules this world by USING idiot oligarchy families & the occult. Satan couldn't care less about those he USES ! I also understand that this oligarchy controls weather, causes tsunamis, volcanic eruptions & earthquakes with HAARP NEXRAD Frequency technology. I also understand that the oligarchy controls EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD  including China/N Korea, Russia/Iran & the UK/US empire which is allied with.....ISRAEL....How much more obvious does it have to get before people realize this is all prophesied by the BIBLE ? I KNOW that the oligarchy has an Island of Dr Moreau & a Jurassic Park where they have cloned Nephilim Giants & cross hybridized them with reptiles & wolves to create Reptilians & Lycans....cross a dinosaur with Giant Bats & you create a Dragon. In the Bible Satan is called a Dragon ! Notice how numerous new autos look like Dragon faces ? As John Lennon said "The world is controlled by insane people" Lennon was murdered by them.  The movie "They Live"  is more than fiction because they have been cloning humans since the 60's so guess who gets to possess those clones, Reptilians, Lycans & Dragons ?? Satan & his millions of Demons do !  There are no aliens from outer space but there are cloned hybrids created by Rothschild/Rockefeller mad scientists. Also the Satanic Catholic church made up the "hell" doctrine. The Bible says the dead know nothing & it says "The wages of sin is DEATH not a mythical place called hell ! Jehovah aka Yahweh is not a sadistic fiend who torments souls for eternity. Also I know the US government has set up FEMA Death camps all over the US to murder millions of people per the Georgia Guidestones which says in 12 languages including Hebrew they want to keep the world population at a constant 500 million or less so they plan to murder billions with the 4 Horsemen which are Famine, Disease, WW3 & FEMA murder camps. I also know the righteous dead are not in Heaven they are DEAD & after the Archangel Michael & his army of Angels destroys the NWO psychopaths at Armageddon they will be resurrected to human life on earth which will be transformed back into a peaceful Paradise.
  • rbfabc 2017-03-09 07:14:30
    All of you please read siddhartha by Herman Hesse
  • TrippedonYourFirstStep OnlyNeedstoHappenOnce 2017-03-08 20:32:41
    This film fails to mention that the earth is flat. Google the azimuthal equidistant flat earth map. The AQ map is the United Nations logo. Antarctica is a 360 degree land mass surrounding the oceans around us. Antarctica is not a continent at the bottom of a ball, covered in water, floating in space and inhabited by humans who evolved from monkeys.There's more land beyond Antarctica's ice walls, no edge to fall off of into fake outer space. If there was an edge to fall off, there would be no water..! The Sun and Moon are not big and far away. The Sun and Moon are smaller, closer and in our atmosphere. The Sun and Moon complete a daily clockwise circuit around the flat earth. The shifting circuit size causes the seasons. You have been lied to about light and its travels. Outer space is faked by space agencies, they have never shown you anything but computer generated images. Gravity is a lie, it's just density and buoyancy. It's called a "horizon" because it's always a horizontal line. It's called "Sea Level" because water always finds its natural flatness and you only "see level". Boats do not disappear past any earth curvature. Boats simply sail past your views perspective matrix. Grab binoculars or a telescope and the whole boat comes back into view. Space travel isn't possible in a vacuum devoid of atmosphere. Combustion based thrusters require a thick atmosphere to push against for movement to occur. Our atmosphere gets thinner the higher you go, that's why NASA's rockets always curve in a parabola and crash into the ocean, never going straight up. The temperature is colder in the full Moon's light at night than in the shade at night. This is opposite of the temperature being warmer in the Sun and colder in the shade during the day. That fact proves the Sun's light is not reflecting off of the Moon. The North Star Polaris nor any constellation has shown parallax in our entire history. That fact proves that the Heliocentric universe model is a lie. The "Flat Earth Society" is controlled opposition to steer you away from the real flat stationary earth created by God. Research Eric Dubay, Jeranism, ODD reality channels on YouTube to learn about your world.
  • jay sintonus 2017-03-08 09:10:37
  • Jared Collens 2017-03-08 03:44:30
    This video is truth mixed with lies. It begins with an attack on Christianity and I do not agree with religion, but I believe in Jesus. Then they go into the shadow government and international bankers etc. This is the NEW truth movement which is not the truth! One World Religion maybe?????
  • Octavian August 2017-03-07 20:48:22
    syndicate? what are you talking about retards?
  • Whitesun God 2017-03-07 09:59:47
    Anyone know where I can find the source of the intro audio? "The more you begin to investigate..."
  • a spasso nel tempo film completo 2017-03-07 00:43:17
    what does italian m5s think about?
  • Naked4FunTV 2017-03-06 19:10:45
    1469 people are Religious :P
  • michaelaaly 2017-03-06 19:01:33
    Supposedly Jesus was born in September. This would have been the time when the sheep were being herded. Which is what was being done during the story of Jesus' birth. The bible never discusses a specific date of birth for Jesus.
  • john johnson 2017-03-06 02:15:11
    Jews run the world
  • mimi Carey 2017-03-04 07:23:05
    Ha the truth hurts doesn't it?!? Nobody wants to know they've been lied to. Life is all bullshit.

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