And the Band Played On (1993)

And the Band Played On (1993)

Director Roger Spottiswoode

Writer Randy Shilts (book), Arnold Schulman (teleplay)

Genre Drama

Year 1993

Actors Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, Patrick Bauchau, Nathalie Baye

IMDB : 7.8 (7,859 votes)


Description This is the story of the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the United States and focuses on three key elements. Dr. Don Francis, an immunologist with experience in eradicating smallpox and containing the Ebola virus, joins the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to try and understand just what this disease is. They also have deal with bureaucracy and a government that doesn't seem to care. The gay community in San Francisco is divided on the nature of the disease but also what should be done about it. Finally, the film deals with the rivalry between Dr. Robert Gallo, the American virologist who previously discovered the first retrovirus and his French counterpart at the Pasteur Institute, Dr. Luc Montagnier, that led to disputed claims about who was first to identify the AIDS virus.


  • Shane F 2016-06-17 21:44:55
    A Great film all around
  • Kaizykat 2016-06-10 04:30:40
    Thank you for posting this. As someone who grew up with the first generation of kids for whom AIDS didn't mean death, it's haunting to see how quickly it spread. We don't really think about it now, do we? With PrEP and PEP and a host of medications to treat after infection, most young people see HIV as just a chronic condition. But we really don't know yet. I can't imagine seeing my friends and loved ones drop dead from a virus that cannot be stopped. It's incredibly sobering. I'm 23, for reference's sake, so born in 1992. And yeah, I'm Queer. I think the AIDS epidemic is the great divide between this generation of LGBT people and the previous.
  • Christopher G. 2016-06-10 02:56:45
    That guy said he had 250 different sexual partners in ONE year (and he said that was a ow number) Seriously?! Those are Wilt Chamberlein type figures!
  • Yankie Doodle 2016-06-02 16:50:05
    AIDS-the only hope left for the Earth.
  • rich m 2016-06-02 03:05:41
    Well, thank god the left-wingers in Hollywood found a way to blame this all on Reagan. Yes, Reagan's primary job as CiC was to cure all diseases, and make unicorns fly through the air, and provide candy waterfalls for all the children. My god, he didn't even cure cancer, or discover life on other planets. The bastard. Lots of left-wing politicians didn't cure AIDS either. Nor did they demand appropriation of funds. They aren't mentioned. Only Reagan. Hmm. Well, that explains why Alan Alda is in the movie.
  • Angel Christina 2016-06-01 06:47:38
    This movie scared the shit out of me as a teen... I now make my children watch it....when they turn 12 or so.... God have mercy on us...he will not forgive our lack of reaction to this plague
  • the1theycalled 0 2016-05-31 01:54:47
    Dr Gallo needs to burn in hell! What a selfish piece of shit!
  • xtopher foster 2016-05-30 05:06:01
    this was nothing but Holocaust part 2 shame to this nation & shame to a world that allowed something like this go on unchecked for so long before anybody decides to make any effort to do something about it ! I Was Eighteen in 1980 and I was very blessed to not know anyone until I was in my thirties when I lost my partner to it shame to Ronald Reagan shame to Robert Gallo shame to all the haters in the world that let so many young people women men and children & who ever else die from this hideous disease SHAME !
  • neil williams 2016-05-17 21:59:44
    haunting musical score ...
  • Daglish Perth 2016-05-03 06:07:52
    Fischl has plenty of blood on her hands from all the patients she killed with toxic AZT based on her junk/fraudulent studies. As Duesberg said: AIDS is a giant hoax to make billions of $$$ for doctors and Pharma.
  • logicsick 2016-05-01 04:40:43
  • logicsick 2016-05-01 04:37:05
  • Linda Taghon 2016-04-24 22:14:25
    That Dr. Gallo is SCUM of the earth.  He is guilty of PLAGORISIUM, which is a Felony!  Prison time!
  • Linda Taghon 2016-04-24 20:30:30
    This is such a sad movie.  Yet, the Gays and drug users continue.... so "The band continues to play on."  When will we/they ever learn?!
  • Hunter Correia 2016-04-23 04:52:33
    The part at 1:06:58 where the African kid was crying in the rain really got to me. The music made it even worse too....
  • EnigmaticMustard 2016-04-21 15:15:28
    My main take away from this is that Ronald Reagan was an even bigger piece of shit than I thought he was.
  • Jhabari Owens 2016-04-19 20:23:44
    it shows you who was trying to help and who was trying to make money off of this I swear I love humans
  • briarswt 2016-04-09 19:56:16
    I very clearly remember watching this in high school (I want to say sophomore year but it could have been any of the four years) and the major thing that comes to mind? The audible gasp everyone in the room made when Bill Kraus finds the KS lesion.
  • Alexandria Hilson 2016-04-08 16:39:34
    I'm in class and have to watch this for an anatomy class and I have to tell ya I did not stop crying used my teachers whole box of tissues.

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