Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero (2009)

Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero (2009)

Director Paul Bright

Writer Paul Bright (screenplay)

Genre Action, Comedy, Thriller

Year 2009

Actors Matthew Burnett, Rafiel Soto, Christopher Lee Gibson, Mary Farrar

IMDB : 4.7 (113 votes)


Description What starts as a miserable day in a dead end job turns into a fight for survival as Aaron is bit by a scorpion, attacked by a rattlesnake, kidnapped, chased by gun-toting maniacs, mesmerized by a hot new co-worker and tortured by a bus load of heavily perfumed old ladies. Albeit the odds are against him, Aaron rises to the challenge to conquer his fears and vanquish his enemies.


  • Lan Stovall 2016-11-07 17:14:12
    one of my favorites of yours Paul!!! well done
  • Garrett Winczlav 2016-10-24 01:56:57
    I wish there was more movies with Matthew and that sexy beard of his.. so attractive and I liked his acting in this.
  • gary omandac 2016-04-16 07:12:28
  • BarefootShaman 2016-03-21 14:08:46
    very hot!
  • Galant Raditya Chandra 2016-03-02 07:01:30
    Good gay movie is like Yves Saint Laurent, LONGHORN and Grande Ecole aka Elite Scholl, they are not censored to showing dick or frontal nude
  • D Stuart 2016-01-31 05:50:03
    Ummmm interesting story marred by frequent poor acting by wooden extras . Could have been alot better with some more experienced bit players. Leads were good.
  • tobetopped 2016-01-20 12:18:49
    Greedy bunch at TLA.
  • tobetopped 2016-01-20 12:18:03
    TLA had a field day and deleted several videos. We should delete TLA and boycott.
  • sammy jones 2016-01-19 14:57:16
    Paul, As an older, closeted gay guy I have to thank you for all your movies. I so enjoy them and they lift my spirits. What I especially love about them is their depiction of gay men living their lives, doing whatever they do, and just being naturally gay as they do so. I like to think that your movies prefigure a future where being gay will no longer elicit any negative responses and where it will be accepted as just a part of who one is. I know we are on our way there, but we still have a lot of ground to cover. Also, I love it when you are in the movie. You are talented and very handsome.
  • Steve Johnson 2016-01-09 01:11:30
    Fun movie with some classic lines tossed in here and there. Near the ending the two crime-fighting dudes get *all* dirty and stinky; there's one other element I'd like to throw in, but the script and writing didn't call for it..
  • Gary Jordan 2014-10-04 13:37:50
    Loved the movie!
  • Joshua David 2014-08-16 19:46:19
    This is such an amazing movie, the action, the build up, the subtle romance, so well written... P.S.: The way they did it in the end was utterly amazing. The climaxed, so did I...
  • Bezerra Nestor 2014-08-10 21:24:53
    Mto ruim. Não recomendo nem para o meu pior inimigo.
  • zea8310 2014-07-31 06:12:02
    que buena pelicula gay interesante...
  • Ainesh Balaram 2014-07-28 01:30:01
    Hay men gr8 movie tq
  • DeVaughn Seymore 2014-05-25 02:34:39
    I got hot and sweaty just from watching the film. 2 Thumbs up :D
  • Ángel Romero 2014-05-11 04:40:08
    Qué película más m .... sólo las escenas finales son rescatables pero en si ... pura m .....
  • Colin-Roy Hunter 2014-03-27 23:00:51
    A sex romp with a difference - a HUGE difference! This made me laugh. Both the gun action & the pistol action had be all excited and heart pounding. Thoroughly entertaining. %DDD
  • Derreck Pickard 2014-03-09 07:21:25
    Pretty awesome man lol was a good ride :)
  • Alisa Burns 2014-03-05 21:08:15
    When the two boys in the bathroom

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