5ive Girls (2006)

5ive Girls (2006)

Director Warren P. Sonoda

Writer Warren P. Sonoda

Genre Horror, Thriller

Year 2006

Actors Ron Perlman, Jennifer Miller, Jordan Madley, Terra Vnesa

IMDB : 4.5 (2,840 votes)


Description In St. Marks catholic boarding school for girls, the religious student Elizabeth is attacked by evil forces and disappears from the classroom and the impotent Father Drake is incapable of saving her. The school is closed and five years later it is reopened. Five troubled unwanted girls - Alex, Mara, the blind Cecilia, Leah and Connie - are left by their family in the institution, severely directed by the headmistress Miss Pearce with hands of iron. Father Drake is their teacher and the girls are forbidden to go to the mysterious third floor. When Alex has visions of the possessed Elizabeth, weird things happen in the spot and the girls have to fight against a legion of two thousand demons.


  • Stratis Xatzistilianou 2016-10-20 22:37:39
    καλα ρε ειστε μαλακες τι βαζετε την γαμω μουσικη...
  • SaraWithNoH Gaming 2016-09-10 06:36:19
    where is the official?
  • Crystaline Lavia 2015-11-08 15:10:43
    the intro sounds like ''cry little sister"
  • GLTMH 2011-06-25 17:57:44
    @Dagmaleoo First Song: Saw Theme Second Song: Darling Violetta - Angel Theme Third Song: Requiem for a Dream - Clint Mansell
  • Dagmaleoo 2011-06-20 22:43:58
    @Dagmaleoo The Song at 03:10
  • Dagmaleoo 2011-06-20 22:41:44
    what the name of the Song(s)?? Is it 1 Song? or 2 or 3??? i like it :D

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