The Danish Girl (2015)

The Danish Girl (2015)

Director Tom Hooper

Writer David Ebershoff (book), Lucinda Coxon (screenplay)

Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

Year 2015

Actors Alicia Vikander, Eddie Redmayne, Tusse Silberg, Adrian Schiller

IMDB : 7.0 (101,204 votes)


Description Copenhagen, 1926. Danish artist, Gerda Wegener, painted her own husband, Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne), as a lady in her painting. When the painting gained popularity, Einar started to change his appearance into a female appearance and named himself Lili Elbe. With his feminism passion and Gerda's support, Einar - or Elbe - attempted one of the first male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, a decision that turned into a massive change for their marriage, that Gerda realized her own husband is no longer a man or the person she married before. A childhood friend of Einar, art-dealer Hans Axgil (Matthias Schoenaerts), shows up and starts a complex love triangle with the couple.


  • Patrice summers 2017-03-13 07:22:17
    he is beautiful
  • Epically Kayla 2017-03-11 01:40:22
    I did not expect this to happen but I'm so glad it did
  • RAHUL GULIA 2017-03-09 22:16:41
    sometimes people go after something that they want for them without caring of the society. that is most courageous thing someone can do i guess.
  • Luis Pacheco 2017-03-09 08:37:58
    came here after watching trailer for The Zookeepers Wife. The actress kinda looks the character lily.
  • Hansel Thepedo 2017-03-06 20:37:46
    Don't you all love that moment when you put a girls dress on and you instantly identify as a women?
  • Ahmar Saeed 2017-03-06 19:09:11
    Well Eddie is a handsome man but Lilly is one ugly ****!
  • The Ad Archive 2017-03-03 19:33:32
    I'm ftm transgender... in a few years or so I'm hoping to get surgery. :-)
  • Michelle Evans 2017-03-03 09:05:47
    Beautiful Movie I enjoyed watching it.. Sad ending though..
  • Luke Borom 2017-03-03 02:51:58
    you people need to read the bible. it says this is wrong in there. all of you that support gay and transgender are supporting satan
  • Yolli A 2017-03-02 11:15:58
    I love Eddie so much.
  • Busra Gemici 2017-03-01 19:57:02
  • James parker 2017-03-01 08:16:04
    I'm glad that actors like Eddie Redmayne exist these days
  • Sirius Black 2017-02-25 21:39:40
    fan Alicia är så jävla vacker
  • Amrin Eusha 2017-02-23 08:20:29
    Who the hell was cutting onions when I was watching this ?????
  • ThumbingThrough The Pages Of My Fantacy 2017-02-20 23:01:47
  • Night 2017-02-20 23:00:22
    WTF? Is ugly the new pretty?
  • Night 2017-02-20 22:58:51
    Not interested in this crappy tranny movie. And that dude makes the ugliest woman I have ever seen in my life. GROSS!
  • mateo matu 2017-02-19 23:21:12
    Does it really bothers you if someone is transgender? If yes I would like to know why.
  • Mansi Sinha 2017-02-19 05:50:31
    This movie is a masterpiece for me
  • Glayed Is Dumb 2017-02-19 04:52:48
    more like the danish boy trannies dont deserve respect

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