Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director Ang Lee

Writer Annie Proulx (short story), Larry McMurtry (screenplay), Diana Ossana (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2005

Actors Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Randy Quaid, Valerie Planche

IMDB : 7.7 (264,815 votes)


Description Two young men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, meet when they get a job as sheep herders on Brokeback Mountain. They are at first strangers, then they become friends. Throughout the weeks, they grow closer as they learn more about each other. One night, after some heavy drinking, they find a deeper connection. They then indulge in a blissful romance for the rest of the summer. Unable to deal with their feelings for each other, they part ways at the end of the summer. Four years go by, and they each settle down, Ennis in Wyoming with his wife and two girls, and Jack in Texas with his wife and son. Still longing for each other, they meet back up, and are faced with the fact that they need each other. They undeniably need each other, and unsure of what to do, they start a series of "fishing trips", in order to spend time together. The relationship struggles on for years until tragedy strikes.


  • MrShaiya96 2017-02-24 20:03:15
    When Sandra Bullock rattles off her "I'm scared, he's black" speech, in the opening scenes of the movie, we're immediately alerted to the fact that we're about to be taught a lesson about racism. What we're not told is that it will be so transparently delivered that it would actually render the message ineffective. Every scenario plays out a display of textbook bigotry, and the plot is organized in a way that takes pains to intersect each scene, layering an outrageous monologue where Ludacris declares hip-hop "the music of the oppressor" (a ridiculous statement clearly written by a very white person) on top of a series of dramatic coincidences, like a racist police officer who sexually violates a woman during a pat-down and later saves her life. The result is a pile-up of clichés that tidily demonstrate's racism's two-fold terrors, as each storyline reveals its contrived twist.
  • Edmundo Dante 2017-02-24 09:45:44
  • Adam Lefthand 2017-02-04 23:11:49
    movies like this promote an un natural affection.
  • Eleanor Halol 2017-01-30 05:58:48
    Its annie proulx not prolux
  • stefan Hahn 2016-12-18 14:27:35
    Brokeass mountain. I don't know about you guys out there, but I wouldn't kiss a guy for any amount of money. I would rather eat a shit sandwich!
  • Joann Smith 2016-11-20 16:45:45
  • Tony Camatto 2016-11-18 01:20:31
    So a straight writer, straight producer, straight director and an entirely straight cast make the best gay themed movie EVER... Stunning
  • Cutecookie7 2016-11-15 05:22:17
    thanks for ripping my heart out of my chest and stomping all over it.....
  • lauva 2016-10-17 09:03:41
    looks like bubble boy broke out of his bubble
  • lauva 2016-10-17 08:58:59
    Dallas cowboys
  • stuffguy666 2016-10-11 20:30:30
    well my dreams of being a cowboy are shot..
  • Skeleton Clique 2016-10-06 07:51:07
    why does everyone feel the need to put "I'm straight, but-" like?? just because there's a gay couple in a movie you love doesn't mean you have to justify yourself no one cares
  • Aj Yacht lovers 2016-09-27 10:55:25
    i am a straight guy.. but it seems pretty amazing to see how they acted in this movie.. salute to Jake and Heath..
  • Eris Kennedy 2016-09-13 04:17:17
    I was gonna watch this but the trailer alone made me cry
  • arcadian33333 2016-08-10 09:27:44
    Classic Americans !!! cumming on their mustaches !!! this is what owned by Jews hollywod wants to promote for Americans to the rest of the world
  • Psychedelic Cat 2016-08-05 15:21:03
    the is the gayist shit I have ever scene
  • บุญสร้าง บุตรเสน่ห์ 2016-07-03 11:13:25
    Jack, I swear
  • Yousif Alkaabi 2016-07-03 02:43:42
    this is gay movie or what ? i need answer please
  • Joni Bernstein 2016-05-24 03:54:44
    Heterosexual woman here. This is simply the most heart wrenching love story ever. Kills me every time. Ang Lee is a brilliant director.
  • Adi Khan 2016-05-02 01:54:36
    i love this film to death... as its very special to my heart it was recommended to me by my first and last love of life , it was the beginning of our love season when he told me that we should watch this romantic movie. but i couldnt wait for him and saw it without him then texted him that remember the guy who dies at the end in our story that will be me and you will live with regret and in pain as you dont love me enough as much as i do.

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