Shelter (2007)

Shelter (2007)

Director Jonah Markowitz

Writer Jonah Markowitz

Genre Drama, Romance, Sport

Year 2007

Actors Trevor Wright, Brad Rowe, Tina Holmes, Jackson Wurth

IMDB : 7.8 (16,148 votes)


Description Forced to give up his dreams of art school, Zach spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son. In his free time he surfs, draws and hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town. When Gabe's older brother, Shaun, returns home, he is drawn to Zach's selflessness and talent. Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to reconcile his own desires with the needs of his family.


  • rosariovieira10 2013-01-14 22:44:23
    Vídeo gay romântico
  • juliahrc 2012-12-30 20:36:22
    *____* I have to watch it NOWWW
  • ProdigiousHdawg 2012-12-01 09:04:41
    This is a really good movie! And it includes three of my favorite things: surfing, hot gay guys, and art! :D
  • Pui Suwa 2012-11-28 01:55:03
    How I can watch it. Recommend the web pleaseeeee
  • Matthew Miranda 2012-11-22 06:42:51
    For all of you who want to know where to watch this Film for free I know Where. :) It was just... Tear Dropping amazing! 10/10 Rating! You wont be disappointed!
  • Brittany Lockwood 2012-10-08 22:59:34
    I just watched it and it was amazing
  • hockeyplyr141 2012-09-12 22:46:27
    I love this movie, I remember watching it here on YouTube, I wonder where it went. WATCH THIS PEOPLE!!!!!
  • metronomic1 2012-09-11 02:23:17
    This film is incredible. A total tear jerker.
  • darkangel64593 2012-07-15 00:05:59
    I tried to find this today, and all my town's video stores said they didn't have it. It was only made in 2007. That was not long ago, and yet I see stuff from 2004 all over the place. So, don't be saying it's out-of-date.
  • kitoshi74 2012-04-04 20:00:13
    such a beautiful movie!!!! love it!!
  • Stephen Fernandez 2012-04-02 15:51:58
    bad ass movie
  • DemonRedDemon 2012-01-28 13:56:01
    i love it too
  • Gray Night Owl 2011-11-27 03:05:10
    @Austinp0wers12 The full movie is here on YouTube.
  • Gray Night Owl 2011-11-27 03:04:10
    Best Movie!!!!!
  • Ying Zhang 2011-11-03 01:45:45
    Need to watch *O*
  • Nico Ferraro 2011-10-08 18:12:42
    A great great movie, real really good!
  • alexisbug21 2011-09-11 16:10:07
    can't wait until this movie come in tomorrow from netflix. It looks so good
  • Jroc 2011-06-07 03:17:08
    @austinp0wers12 type shelter 1 in the search of youtube
  • Austin McGowan 2011-05-22 04:18:20
    is there like a link to this online somewhere? really love to see it

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