A Home at the End of the World (2004)

A Home at the End of the World (2004)

Director Michael Mayer

Writer Michael Cunningham (novel), Michael Cunningham (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2004

Actors Andrew Chalmers, Ryan Donowho, Asia Vieira, Quancetia Hamilton

IMDB : 6.8 (12,062 votes)


Description From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Hours" comes a story that chronicles a dozen years in the lives of two best friends who couldn't be more different. From suburban Cleveland in...


  • vher s 2011-08-09 07:31:54
    i have seen this for the nth time.. def one of my glue movies. it take LOVE LIFE FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY INTO ANOTHER LEVEL..
  • Jose Jiménez 2011-05-31 10:24:52
  • darlinkula1 2011-05-08 11:10:49
    "We are all beautiful & lonely people here"...WONDERFUL LINE!
  • boroboy boro 2011-05-04 12:51:50
    robin wright is unbeliveable in this shes to sexy for her self
  • Mille Brockhoff 2011-04-05 16:22:30
    @TheTurbinator Dude. Chill.
  • underageplague 2011-03-07 02:24:38
    amazing movie... even more amazing book
  • Alex Ceric 2011-01-30 10:20:41
    My God, I can see my condo balcony in that graveyard scene. That graveyard is actually a park with a swimming pool. Not an actual graveyard. I can literally recognise each tree and the exact locations they stood in, in that scene. And I can SEE MY BALCONY !!!!
    Real life comes with some miracles... Bobby is one of them... I guess i have one in my life and i love it!!!
  • LadyDeadpool 2010-12-19 19:24:46
    do they all (the three of them) fall for each other?
  • colinchick69 2010-12-12 22:06:03
    @ambitioncutsusdownn Hey, try Amazon.com.
  • Kat 2010-08-31 20:03:00
    want to see it. now. but i've to find the dvd first ;o
  • MariMariHowl 2010-08-19 14:45:10
    @Animesungirl Just yesterday I have seen the movie on TV and I loved it! I really like the story and the chemistry between the leading characters. i wondered if the book is good and then i have seen this comment of yours.^^ Thanks for the comment, I'll definitely read it then! :-)
  • Crǎiţa .Ciobotaru 2010-08-13 17:41:33
    this was a great film,i'm reading the book now and it's fucking awesome,you all should read it,but i always read the book after i see the movie(or course if there is one)i don't know if that's good but it helps me to imagine the characters better:D
  • MrBspearsfan 2010-06-23 14:47:08
    I want to see this movie i´m so curious it seems so good movie and actually.......I love Colin Farrell
  • captainXOXO 2010-05-09 23:07:03
    I loved this movie.
  • David G 2010-03-23 11:14:39
    GeeThink..you have the wrong movie. There's no black guy in it and nobody dies at the end of the movie.
  • David G 2010-03-23 11:13:42
    Over 16 years? That's funny. You're only 18. So you were making choices on what movies you liked back when you were 2 or 3 years old? I understand young people like you can't get into movies like this. There's an actual story to it and you have to think while watching it. No explosions, monsters, car chases, women being chased by monsters and showing their boobs. I bet that kind of a movie really gets you going.
  • AdrienneMetal 2010-02-27 12:21:17
    What's the song at 0:46?????
  • semplicementeflu 2010-01-29 21:56:23
    splendido davvero... qualcuno sa i titoli delle canzoni??? anybody knows the titles of the songs used in the movie??? i'm sorry for my engilsh.. ihihih... :D
  • dan marva 2009-10-26 21:49:43
    such a great film. i watched yesterday and i allmost cried.just wonderfull with great actors.colin is the best

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